online courses for medical students

HMX Courses from Harvard Medical School

HMX Courses from Harvard Medical School

Harvard’s Online Medical Courses Are Now Part of IMA

Harvard Medical School and International Medical Aid are excited to offer Harvard’s acclaimed online courses on medicine as part of IMA’s healthcare internship programs.

The HMX online courses are designed for anyone interested in learning about the fundamentals of medicine, from those who are considering a career in medicine to medical students and health care professionals.

The courses cover a wide range of topics, including anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, medical ethics, and more.

Effective Learning Crafted by Harvard’s Finest

An interdisciplinary group of healthcare professionals and Harvard faculty came together to create comprehensive online courses for aspiring medical students, professionals, and anyone interested in learning more about the medical field.

HMX courses are an effective learning tool for many reasons. From educational content to design, HMX leverages contemporary educational techniques and relevant medical science.

And with measurable outcomes, you can be sure you’re mastering the material.

Learn from Recognized Physicians and Educators in Harvard Faculty

HMX courses included contributions from world-renowned physicians and educators who know how to communicate complex concepts clearly. They share their knowledge and excitement for the material through carefully constructed modules.

The HMX courses include 2 MPH, 18 MD, and 7 Ph.D. contributors. And Harvard’s finest creative directors and designers worked with the faculty to develop an engaging learning experience.

Harvard HMX + IMA

Track Your Improvement

Assessments at the beginning and end of each course show your progress and understanding of the material. This is a measurable way to see your improvement and track your success.

When it comes to learning, measurable outcomes are essential. They provide a way to gauge your progress and ensure that you’re absorbing and understanding the material. 

Measurable outcomes also help keep you motivated. When you can see that you’re making progress, it’s easier to stay focused and continue working towards your goals. Looking back and seeing how far you have come maintains your confidence and persistence through the rigors of preparing for medical school.

Designed with Learning in Mind

Each HMX course is designed to deliver complex concepts engagingly and effectively. They are highly interactive, visual,
and use the best in learning science to ensure that you not only understand the material but also retain it.

Through a series of engaging videos, dynamic animations, interactive material, discussion boards, and more, the HMX course keeps you focused and engaged in the material.

Additionally, Harvard provides notetaking guides for digital or physical use – one of the most important keys to success. Notes not only capture the essential information. They also help organize what you learn in a way that makes it easy to review and study later on.


Practical Clinical Knowledge and Application

Grounded medical science that heals communities is at the heart
of everything we do — and HMX courses offer just that. Real-world examples allow you to explore ideas and integrate key concepts
in context. By learning through real scenarios, you will develop
a practical understanding of how to apply what you’ve learned
in your professional and academic career.

Videos in HMX courses focus on concepts that are most important
to your future. You follow Havard Medical School physicians as they provide care in hospitals and clinics and think through challenging cases. These videos provide an up-close and intimate look into what it’s like to be a physician.

Improve Your Medical School Applications

At IMA we focus on providing world-class experiences and services that will help you get into the medical school of your dreams. In concert with our Healthcare Internships Abroad and Medical School Admissions Consulting, the Harvard Medical School courses are the perfect way to bolster your credentials and make your application stand out.

The experience and content of HMX courses will give you another layer of insight and understanding of the medical field, as well as an impressive credential for your applications. Admissions committees love to see that you have taken initiative in learning about medicine and that you are passionate about the field.

Additionally, the content of the courses will help you do better on your MCAT. The MCAT covers core concepts taught in HMX courses. By taking the courses and doing well, you will be better prepared to effectively study for and perform on the MCAT.

Earn a Certificate from Harvard Medical School

In addition to the experience and knowledge you will gain from taking an HMX course, you will also earn a Certificate of Completion from Harvard Medical School. This certificate can be added to the “work and activities” section of your AMCAS application.

For those who excel in a course, a Certificate of Achievement is awarded. This will serve as further evidence of your commitment to medicine and your dedication to high-level learning.

Why We Are Excited to Offer Harvard's HMX Courses

Harvard HMX Course FAQs

Basic knowledge of health-related sciences, such as undergraduate-level coursework in biology and chemistry, is recommended. Additionally, you can pause the course at any time to revisit a concept or skill.

The course is designed for a wide range of learners, from those who are considering a career in medicine to medical students and professionals who can benefit from a core knowledge of medical concepts.

The HMX courses take 10 weeks to complete. Each week, new lessons and materials are introduced. Generally, you spend 3-6 hours each week per course.

HMX Fundamentals includes five courses in Immunology, Physiology, Genetics, Pharmacology, and Biochemistry.

Contact us for information on pricing.

HMX offerings are not-for-credit courses. They are, however, an excellent way to learn more about medicine and to prepare for your future career. Certificates of Completion and Achievement may also be awarded, which can be included in your medical school applications.

You can take the HMX courses during your IMA program, or before or after. During the internship, those who opt-in to the HMX courses will be given specific times to work towards their HMX certification. Your time spent on HMX will not interfere with your clinical activities. Even though HMX courses are online, there is limited space available, so this may affect when you can enroll.

You can reach out to us here. We’re happy to answer any of your questions!