I loved every moment and every aspect of working with International Medical Aid! The staff of program mentors and interns was incredible. They were extremely efficient and made everything run smoothly, ensuring the success and well-being of each volunteer. They were so kind and I always felt welcomed and encouraged!

The living accommodations and food were also great! Joshua and the support staff were the best, and I always looked forward to coming down in the morning to chat with them.

The safety could not have been better. I never once felt unsafe or worried. Driving accommodations were always provided and we were introduced to our surrounding areas on foot, which provided a sense of familiarity and comfort. IMA proved to be extremely thorough in making me feel safe.

The days were split nicely. In the morning, we would work in the hospital and usually do a cultural trek or community outreach in the afternoon/on the weekends. Going out into the community and meeting the individuals in their neighborhoods was amazing. We volunteered at feeding centers and brought supplies to orphanages. We set up clinics on the weekends and did health/hygiene clinics for children in local schools. These memories are some of my fondest and were some of my favorite parts of IMA.

I would definitely recommend this program. The staff could not have been more professional and the experiences I had there I would not trade for the world. I am so grateful that this program exists. The lessons learned and experiences had are truly once in a lifetime and are ones that will be with me forever. I look back on my time in Kenya as one of the most important times in my life and in my journey as a healthcare professional