Kassie – Nurse Practitioner

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My experience in Kenya was indescribable. From a medical standpoint, I was able to learn, experience and contribute in such a meaningful manner that these memories will remain with me for the rest of my life and professional career. My mentor was a great source of comfort for me while in Kenya. He was always checking in on me and ensuring my safety, comfort and well being and assisting wherever necessary in helping me to become accustomed to life in Kenya. IMA’s cook was a dear friend and a phenomenal chef preparing courses that could have easily been offered in a 5 star restaurant on a daily basis. The accommodations were safe and comfortable. I was in walking distance to the beach and any resource I might have required. I have made dear friends from my experience in Kenya that I will keep in close touch with. I look forward to completing another trip with International Medical Aid and will recommend this agency to any of my contacts in the medical community who are interested in contributing abroad in a meaningful way.

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