Tiffany – Registered Nurse

I was introduced to IMA through a coworker who had gone on previous trips to Haiti with them. My family had many questions and concerns about safety which I was able to get answered for them prior to me departing. My first was very eye opening as to how people live in a third world country. We were well prepared for little food being available and no electricity most of the time. This is from the planning done by IMA. I felt the entire time that I was safe and well taken care of. I we were getting low on water Homayon made sure we received more. We have worked with great translators and been made to feel very welcome. This trip was hard for me at times as I had a mother bring me a deceased child looking for help. Homayon saw the emotional impact this took on me even though I didn’t want to admit it. He stepped in and took my place so I could step back and gather myself. I didn’t have to even say anything and he was able to see this. After my first trip I felt we had changed the lives of many. We saved so many that year just by being able to educate, give medications, and IV fluids. I knew I would go back the following year after the impact this year had made on me. After the trip Homayon encouraged us to give positive as well as negative feedback as to how to make the trip better. I felt like the organization did listen as I prepared for my second mission trip to Haiti.


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