Lilias-Marie, Human Resources Assistant

This was my third trip to Haiti. This was an amazing tip! I am so thankful for the opportunities from IMA to make these three trips. I would not want to make one of these mission trips without IMA. All the preparations were again made by IMA. This year we stayed in a bed and breakfast. It was my home away from home. We had beds and more than one bathroom and showers. We also had breakfast and diner each night cooked for us. We even had my favorite food, pizza!! The hosts really catered to us. They even made arrangements to get ice. Having ice was wonderful!! We had great reliable safe transportation!!
This trip was a little more difficult for me personally. I had a hospital stay for several days, a month before we were supposed to leave. My doctor wasn’t too excited to let me go but she gave in. I was not 100% healthy yet and probably should not have went. The thought of not returning was horrible. I could not imagine not going. I was very determined to go. So I made the trip. The clinic days were long and tiring but very successful. The last clinic day I got pretty ill. I was close to passing out and had to have an IV in the field. The great nurses that I was working with, Tiffany, Dustin, and Sharon were right there with me and got my IV started and meds going. My translator went to praying for me. I didn’t want to leave but Homayon insisted that I go back to the house and rest. He made the call and got me transported back to the house and took over my job. He was awesome. We were there to treat the Haitians but when one of his own was down, then that was what was most important. I was taken great care of. From the nurses in the field, to Homayon, to the transportation, to the host of the bed and breakfast, everyone took care to make sure I was ok and on the mend. I hated to miss the last half of the day but I am forever grateful for the awesome care I received!! As we prep for our next trip, which is just a few months away, I am so looking forward to returning with IMA. I have thought of Haiti and the people there every single day since my first trip. Each and everyday I think of how blessed we are here in the United States. I love being able to go there and know that I am making a difference in the lives that we touch in the clinics. Can’t wait for my fourth trip to Haiti!

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