I loved my experience in Kenya so much. I never once felt unsafe from the moment I was picked up at airport. The food and overall accommodations exceeded my expectations greatly and I had no problems with the accommodations or food. My experience in Kenya had such a profound impact on me because I was able to learn so much about another health care system and I was able to get hands on experience with cases that aren’t common in the US. I kept a notebook with me every day in the hospital and everyday it would be filled with notes from the doctors I was shadowing. The doctors in Kenya are so intelligent and the language barrier isn’t difficult to overcome. I am so grateful for all the things I learned from my doctors both about medicine and about health care in developing countries.

The most valuable aspect of this program is that you are able to do everything that the doctor does with the patients. You are able to go through the whole diagnostic process with the doctors and they will explain to you their thinking and ask you questions along the way. The doctors in the hospital are so creative and smart, and it is amazing to be able to get close to so many different doctors in all different departments. You are able to see cases that you would never see in the US and people often come into the hospital with multiple things wrong, which makes the diagnostic process more difficult. Being in the hospital really tests you and can really help you grow as a person and a professional in the medical field.

The safari was amazing overall. I really liked the accommodations in Nairobi and the Mara Sopa Hotel. I don’t have any ideas on what to improve because I had such a great time on the safari that I wouldn’t change a thing!