This trip to Kenya was truly incredible, and has definitely both solidified, and encouraged my interest in medicine! I made some really meaningful relationships with doctors, nurses, and technicians at the hospital who took the time to teach me and engage me in their work. The mentorship I received at CPGH allowed me to not only learn how to do technical and hands-on tasks, but also how to be a confident and compassionate person in healthcare. As each day passed, I learned how to take advantage of my time here more and more, and play an active role in helping the staff as well as the patients! It took time before I was able to fully immerse myself in the hands-on experience, but when I did, I felt like I really found what I want to dedicate the rest of my life to! I learned so much in such a short amount of time, and got to see a lot of different perspectives and ways of thinking that I think other countries could really learn from! After working in the hospital, we would always come home to a lovely house, a very supportive staff, and amazing food! IMA really made sure we were well taken care of, and kept safe! IMA also gave us many opportunities to explore Mombasa, and see a way of life that is rich in spirits. Kenya has left a big mark on my heart and mind, and I am already thinking of when I can come back!

The most valuable aspect of this program is the relationships you can and will make, both with fellow interns and the hospital staff. I have never formed such close bonds with fellow humans in such a short amount of time! In this program, you meet very like-minded people, who value the foundation of medicine, which is to simply help another human. We all understand the value of a life, and share a passion for coming together to help one another. Spending time with these kinds of people in both a working and non-working environment allows for close relationships to form! Moreover, relationships made with the administration, doctors, nurses, and technicians at the hospital have really made this program impactful. These are people who believe in you and your effort to come to Kenya and learn. With their busy schedules, they still make time to bring you places with them, explain concepts, and teach you how to be a great doctor. I will definitely keep in touch with the staff at CPGH, for they played a critical role in encouraging my eagerness and excitement to pursue a career in medicine!

My trek experiences were nothing short of amazing! I went to Watamu and Diani Beach, and during both Treks, IMA did a great job of keeping us safe as well as giving us time to explore and have fun on our own. IMA offered many different activities, some of which were pre-planned, and they were some of my friends and I’s favorite moments of the trip! From feeding giraffes, to holding snakes, to visiting schools, to touring Old Town, IMA definitely made sure we had the opportunity to see and enjoy Mombasa!