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International Medical Aid
IMA is an innovator in the field of not-for-profit healthcare volunteer placements for practitioners and students alike. We have programs in a wide range of disciplines, including medicine, dentistry, nursing, mental health, public health and physical therapy. We specialize in working with undergraduate students seeking to gain pre-health experience. Whatever field you may be interested in, we can provide you with a program that will meet your needs.

Our Values
At IMA, we are guided by four strong core values that create the foundation for our organization.

Be transparent and accountable

Mutual Respect
Care for our volunteers, our community
and each other
Always honor your promises

Embrace and encourage innovation
Medicine/Per-Medicine Electives

With an extensive network of hospitals, IMA is able to provide doctors across multiple specialties, medical residents and medical students at various stages of training the opportunity to work in busy public and private hospitals around the world. These hands-on programs are custom tailored to the specific skill sets and education of each volunteer. Our electives are designed to meet the curriculum requirements of most major American and European educational institutions.

Dentistry/Pre-Dentistry Electives

Dental care in the developing world is much less common than in the United States or Europe, while the lack of sanitation infrastructure and basic hygiene practices creates a definite need for dental services. Working in a variety of rural and urban settings, volunteers are able to utilize their skills to improve the health of the communities they world. These hands-on programs are custom tailored to the specific skill sets and education of each volunteer. Our electives are designed to meet the curriculum of most major American and European educational institutions.

Nursing/Pre-Nursing Electives

Utilizing IMA’s strong network of healthcare facilities, nursing electives are designed around each volunteer’s specific goals and interests. In many developing countries, hospitals are not adequately staffed with nurses; consequently, our volunteers are intimately involved in patient treatment from the onset of their programs. Working in low resource areas, participants often must “go back to basics” and rely on their training to tackle complex cases that are rarely seen. The result is an opportunity to develop important clinical skills while improving the lives of others.

Physical Therapy Electives
Physical Therapy

The field of physical therapy and chiropractic care in many parts of the developing world is only in its infancy; however, a lack of transportation and occupational safety standards and a high prevalence of motor vehicle and work-related accidents create an unmet need for physical therapy and chiropractic care. Working alongside local providers in hospitals, private clinics and outpatient centers, volunteers are able to provide for patients while helping to educate and train local professionals.

Mental Health Electives
Mental Health

IMA is a major innovator in the field of mental health electives and among the first organizations in the world to offer such programs. In many parts of the developing world, there is a fundamental lack of access to mental health and hygiene services, while cultural stigma prevents many from even attempting to seek care. Instead of receiving treatment, the mentally ill in these countries become societal outcasts. Working alongside local practitioners, volunteers are not only able to provide counsel to patients but also work to educate local health workers.

Public Health Electives
Public Health

IMA has a variety of opportunities for public health professionals and students pursuing undergraduate or advanced degrees in public health, epidemiology and related disciplines to further their education and gain meaningful experience. Designed specifically around the interests of each volunteer, IMA can arrange internships within the government ministries, municipal, grassroots projects and several private NGOs in South America, of most major American and European educational institutes.

Midwifery Electives

Women in many parts of the developing world face significant risk of disease and mortality when giving birth due to the lack of properly equipped facilities and adequately trained staff. Volunteers in our midwifery program are paired with local practitioners and work in a hospital or community health setting. Our program participants are involved not only in assisting in live births but also work by training local midwives and providing counsel to expectant mothers.

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