About Us

Our Approach

International Medical Aid is broad-based not-for-profit organization striving to improve access to medical and public health resources in the world’s most impoverished areas through fully staffed and strategically deployed mobile healthcare campaign. Built on values of integrity, mutual respect and commitment to the communities we serve, International Medical Aid is pioneering the new standard for medical not-for-profits and pre-med volunteering around the world.

Our Story

Roger Voter and Homayon Ghassemi founded International Medical Aid during their final year at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. As part of their senior thesis, Ghassemi and Voter began investigating the root causes of healthcare inequality in the developing world and worked to identify the populations most at risk. From this research, the pair developed a model for a sustainable not-for-profit organization that would provide access to medical and hygiene resources to underserved populations around the world. Ghassemi and Voter submitted their final thesis in the June of 2012 after IMA’s very first healthcare campaign in Quito, Ecuador.

To date, IMA has expanded the scope of our Global Initiatives to include Public Health Education and First Responder Training in addition to Multi-Specialty Medical Care for those seeking pre-health experience. Currently, International Medical Aid has operations in three continents and seven countries including: Haiti, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Kenya, Tanzania. The work of our clinical staff, organizational partners and each overseas hospital volunteer has and continues to improve the lives of thousands of individuals around the world. As our organization continues to grow, we remain true to our humble roots.