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Healthcare Study Abroad in Africa

International Medical Aid offers once-in-a-lifetime medical internships abroad for doctors, medical residents, medical students, nurse practitioners, physician assistant and pre-med undergraduates to work in busy international hospitals, mentored by our outstanding staff of dedicated physicians and other healthcare professionals. We collaborate with an extensive network of public and private hospitals to provide rewarding, hands-on programs tailored to the specific skill sets and educational background of each volunteer. We offer electives abroad, medical internships abroad programs, nursing opportunities abroad, pre-dentistry experiences, pre-med volunteering and physician shadowing abroad. IMA is the ethical leader in international volunteer programs and serves as a meaningful alternative to for-profit organizations.

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Pre-Medicine/Medical Internships

International Medical Aid has opportunities for doctors, medical residents, medical students, pre-med undergraduates and gap medics to work in busy international hospitals, mentored by our outstanding staff of dedicated physicians and other healthcare professionals. We collaborate with an extensive network of public and private hospitals to provide rewarding hands-on programs tailored to the specific skill sets and educational background of each volunteer.

Physician Assistant Internships

Pre-PA/Physician Assistant Internships

International Medical Aid has opportunities for pre-physician assistant students, students in graduate physician assistants programs and licensed physician assistants to work in busy international hospitals, mentored by our outstanding staff of dedicated healthcare professionals. We collaborate with an extensive network of public and private hospitals to provide rewarding hands-on programs tailored to the specific skill sets and educational background of each volunteer.


Pre-Nursing/Nursing Internships

Nursing opportunities abroad are offered for undergraduate and graduate students in addition to registered nurses and nurse practitioners. Utilizing IMA’s strong network of healthcare facilities, nursing electives are designed around each volunteer’s specific goals and interests. In many developing countries, hospitals are not adequately staffed with nurses; consequently, our volunteers are intimately involved in patient treatment from the onset of their programs.

Psychology Internships

Mental Health/Psychology Internships

International Medical Aid is a major innovator in the field of mental health placements and psychology internships abroad. We are among the first organizations in the world to offer such programs. In many parts of the developing world, there is a fundamental lack of access to mental health and hygiene services, while cultural stigma prevents many from even attempting to seek care. Our volunteers generally work in outpatient counseling centers attached to large public hospitals.

Pre-Dentistry/Dentistry Internships

Dental care in the developing world is much less common than in the United States or Europe, while the lack of sanitation infrastructure and basic hygiene practices creates a definite need for dental services. Working in a variety of rural and urban settings, volunteers are able to utilize their skills to improve the health of the communities they world. Pre-Dental students will have the opportunity to shadow dentists in busy public hospitals, often witnessing the treatment of more advanced/rare conditions.


Nutrition Placement/Dietetic Internships

Recognizing the importance of accessible nutrition counseling in the developing world, IMA has begun offering nutrition placements abroad and nutrition internships. Our programs are tailored to undergraduate and graduate students studying dietetics in addition to registered nutritionists. Volunteers work alongside local clinical nutritionists based in large, teaching hospitals. Volunteers are involved in developing meal plans which promote health and help manage disease.

Program Features


Founded by two Johns Hopkins alumni, International Medical Aid is a not-for-profit organization based in the United States. We are focused on creating mutually beneficial, ethical and sustainable programs for our volunteers and the communities that we serve.


Dedicated Physician Mentors guide volunteers through the entire healthcare internship abroad experience. IMA’s structured programs include extensive training on infection control, region specific orientations, and continuous support from in country and U.S.-based staff


IMA’s alumni have access to graduate school admissions support including letters of recommendation, personal statement reviews, and interview coaching. Our structured programs allow students to incorporate MCAT prep during their healthcare internship abroad.


IMA makes every effort to assure the safety of our volunteers. Our residences are located in gated communities with 24/7 security staff. All programs include basic accident + travel insurance at no additional cost.  All treks and safaris organized by IMA contract vetted travel partners and trusted guides.


Medical School Admissions Counseling


Our team of highly-qualified medical school admissions consultants include physician advisors, former admissions committee members, published authors and professional consultants with 25+ years of experience in medical school admissions. Our skilled experts will holistically review your medical school application and provide advice and guidance that is detailed, actionable and compassionate.


We strive to be as honest and transparent as possible. We first recommend that you utilize the free admissions resources published by the Association of American Medical Colleges and any advising services available through your university. If you need additional assistance, we are happy to review your application. If we feel that we cannot add value to your application, we will issue you a 100% refund.

Proven Track-Record of Success

The medical school admissions process is complex and highly competitive. Admissions rates to top-tier medical schools are often less than 10% and the overall admission rate for MD and DO schools remains below 50% Our seasoned admissions consultant admit rates average 90%. We will help you prepare your strongest application and help you avoid a costly re-application.

Alumni Testimonials

Kassie - Alumni Reviews

My experience in Kenya was indescribable. From a medical standpoint, I was able to learn, experience and contribute in such a meaningful manner that these memories will remain with me for the rest of my life and professional career. My mentor was a great source of comfort for me while in Kenya. He was always checking in on me and ensuring my safety, comfort and well being and assisting wherever necessary in helping me to become accustomed to life in Kenya. IMA’s cook was a dear friend and a phenomenal chef preparing courses that could have easily been offered in a 5 star restaurant on a daily basis. The accommodations were safe and comfortable. I was in walking distance to the beach and any resource I might have required.

Kassie Fitzmaurice - Grand Canyon University
Soham - Alumni Reviews

As a medical school applicant, this experience was worthwhile. As a volunteer at Mt. Meru Regional Hospital in Arusha, Tanzania, I got a chance to further my medical knowledge all while making a lasting impact within the local community. The doctors were so welcoming and went out of their way to explain unique clinical cases in depth. Following my volunteer experience, I can truly say I have a greater appreciation for medicine. The IMA staff were really friendly and ensured everything I needed was taken care of. I have done multiple volunteer trips in East Africa and I can say without hesitation that IMA is top tier when it comes to providing students a seamless experience. In the future, I would strongly consider doing an elective with IMA again.

Soham Savani - Georgetown University
Felipe - Alumni Reviews

If you are you looking for a radically different yet incredible experience next summer, stop looking. This is it. Granted that this was my first time in Africa. And the first time I volunteered as a dentist. So the experience would have probably been a memorable one either way. That said, it was not just memorable, it was simply life-changing. IMA gave me a unique opportunity to both work as a doctor, and learn as a student. There was obviously some ramping-up to do, but it was just a matter of days until I started getting hands-on experience, working with dedicated mentors, and really wonderful colleagues. The organization was also great in helping me to explore, learn and live the city and culture of Mombasa. Locals are incredibly welcoming…

Felipe de Sande Palma - University of Granada

Adventures Beyond Medicine

IMA Safaris provides each overseas hospital volunteer, medical internship abroad participant, and students in our physician shadowing abroad programs the opportunity to explore and immerse themselves in the beauty and culture of IMA’s unique destinations. Through established relationships with trusted guides, hotels and travel organizations across the world, IMA simplifies travel arrangements for volunteers, while providing relatives back home a single point of contact for added peace of mind. Unlike nearly all pre-med volunteering or “voluntourism” organizers such as Gap Medics and Work the World, IMA Safaris provides all volunteers with accident + medical evacuation insurance at no additional cost.