Medical School Admissions Consulting

Medical Schools Our Students Have Been Admitted To Include

Founded by Johns Hopkins alumni, we offer a process driven approach dedicated to helping students become healthcare providers. For 25+ years, our team of medical school admissions advisors have helped thousands of students enter top MD, DO and PA programs.

IMA understands how stressful it can be to decide you want to become a doctor or physician assistant. Whether you’re a first- or fifth-generation medical student, the application process is overwhelming. You have to complete both primary and secondary applications, write enough essays to lose track of them, and cross your fingers for interviews that will make your heart pound as you go through them. Your ultimate fate lies in the hands of the medical school admissions committees that decide whether to admit you. Every applicant makes the choice to go through this process to become a doctor or PA. But what some students don’t realize is that they don’t have to go through that journey alone.

IMA is here so that you don’t go through this journey alone. Our medical school admissions consulting is designed to walk you through the entire process. Over 93% of our applicants are accepted into medical school the first time after working with us. Our medical school admissions counselors have over 25 years of experience mentoring students. They come from top institutions including Harvard, Yale, Stanford and Johns Hopkins.

Our medical school admissions consulting includes strategy sessions, primary and secondary application review, interview preparation and guidance for non-traditional/post-baccalaureate students.

While tools like Grammarly and Hemingway are useful for spelling and grammar, these websites aren’t medical school experts. Your personal statement is your first opportunity to convince the admissions committee to accept you. Since some schools send secondaries on an invitational basis, your personal statement could be your only opportunity to show who you are. And for the secondary essays you write, this is yet another opportunity to score an interview. For this reason, you should have a team of medical school admissions advisors by your side, mentoring you through the process.

Our team review process sets International Medical Aid apart from all other consulting services, including Shemmassian Academic Consulting and Inspira Advantage. Our model follows that of admissions committees everywhere, with a diverse panel of doctors, professors and community members. Medical school admissions consulting is designed this way to benefit MD and PA applicants in as many ways as possible. Our medical school consultants review all written material, and their review process is included for all students at no additional cost.

The interview process is the other major part of making it into medical school. Whether your interview is done traditionally or by using the Multiple Mini Interview format, our team is prepared to help you. With our team consisting of experts from Johns Hopkins, Yale, Harvard and Stanford, we know what it takes to have a successful interview.

We offer four tiers of medical school consulting services, starting at $2950. Our services provide you with the help you need–fast. We have a 48-hour turnaround time for personal statement edits and AMCAS revisions. Our medical school admissions counselors will dedicate an hour to preparing you for your interview and provide you with two hours of general advising. We also provide you with email communication, a dedicated advisor (with team review), and a letter of intent/waitlist letter.

But if you don’t need all that, we also offer a-la-carte services to meet your specific needs. We charge $350 per hour for whatever you might need–a final look at your personal statement, edits to your AMCAS, AACOMAS or TMDSAS applications, or a single mock interview. Please reach out to us with what you need. We’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

International Medical Aid is here to prepare you for medical school. In addition to our medical school admissions consulting, we offer global internships. Our students go to countries like Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Haiti, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, where they shadow medical professionals as they administer medical care to underserved populations who can’t easily access health care. Our students experience health care on a global level, increasing their understanding of how different health care systems work and use that knowledge to improve health care in the United States.

Finally, IMA offers strategy sessions and guidance for non-traditional/post-baccalaureate students. If the medical field is your second profession or you’re starting your career later in life, our team of medical school admissions consulting experts can help you navigate the process. If you’re not sure whether you want to be a Doctor of Medicine, Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine or Physician Assistant, we can break down what each career has to offer so you can make an informed decision.

Medical school is a wonderful journey to embark upon. By beginning your journey with IMA, you’ll be standing strong with a team of experts behind you to guide you along the way.

Get Into Medical School

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Why IMA For Your Medical School Admissions Consulting?

The medical school admissions consulting experts that work with us, which includes current doctors, former directors of post-baccalaureate programs, directors of admissions committees, as well as writers and experienced consultants, have many decades years of medical school consulting experience. Throughout the years, we have led thousands of medical school applicants through the difficult and rigorous medical school admissions process. We can also lead you through the exact same process.

We help our clients in a simple and straightforward manner. From the start, you will work with one of our medical school admissions consulting experts. They’ll help you put your best foot forward through every section on your applications. The two of you will then come up with a strategy to increase your chances of getting into medical school. As you work with our medical school admissions advisors, you will go through the entire medical school application process with clarity and confidence.

It will also provide you with the confidence you need to apply for any medical school, knowing you are prepared for whatever is thrown at you. As part of our process, you will learn everything there is to know to complete your entry requirements, from the best way to construct your essays to how to successfully prepare for the interview to what to do once you are finally accepted into medical school.

Our clients can also rest assured that our primary goal is to produce only the most prepared students ready to hold their own against thousands of other applicants. Some assistance we provide to help participants prepare for medical school admissions include:

Med School Admissions Consulting Services

Admissions Consulting Packages

Primary Application

Tier 1

$ 2950

  • Dedicated Advisor + Team Review
  • Unlimited Email Communication
  • 48-Hour Turnaround
  • Medical School Selection
  • General Advising (2-Hours)
  • Unlimited Personal Statement Edits
  • AMCAS Revisions/Edits (5 Activities)
  • Mock Interview Prep (1-Hour)
  • Letter of Intent/Waitlist Letter
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Primary + Secondary Application

Tier 2

$ 4450

  • Dedicated Advisor + Team Review
  • Unlimited Email Communication
  • 48-Hour Turnaround
  • Medical School Selection
  • General Advising (3-Hours)
  • Unlimited Personal Statement Edits
  • AMCAS Revisions/Edits (10 Activities)
  • Secondary Application Edits  (4 Schools) 
  • Mock Interview Prep (2-Hours)
  • Letter of Intent/Waitlist Letter
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Primary + Secondary Application

Tier 3

$ 7450

  • Dedicated Advisor + Team Review
  • Unlimited Email Communication
  • 48-Hour Turnaround
  • Medical School Selection
  • General Advising (4-Hours) 
  • Unlimited Personal Statement Edits
  • Unlimited AMCAS Revisions/Edits
  • Secondary Application Edits (10 Schools)
  • Mock Interview Prep (3-Hours)
  • Letter of Intent/Waitlist Letter
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Primary + Secondary Application

Tier 4

$ 11,450

  • Dedicated Advisor + Team Review
  • Unlimited Email Communication
  • 48-Hour Turnaround
  • Medical School Selection
  • Unlimited General Advising
  • Unlimited Personal Statement Edits
  • Unlimited AMCAS Revisions/Edits
  • Secondary Application Edits (20 Schools) 
  • Mock Interview Prep (4-Hours)
  • Letter of Intent/Waitlist Letter
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Strategy Sessions

We offer in-depth strategy sessions for students to develop a comprehensive game plan and approach to crafting the most compelling and informed application to medical school. Get Started

Primary Application Review

Our experienced medical school admissions counselors will review your personal statement, activities and all other aspects of your primary application to ensure that they accurately and meaningfully reflect your story, experiences and unique strengths.

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Secondary Application Review

We will review your secondary applications and help you craft essays that are consistent with and complimentary to your personal statement and that reflect your qualities and strengths in the most positive way. Get Started

Medical School Interview Preparation

Our experienced medical school admissions consultants will provide you with one-on-one mock interview preparation and provide you with in-dept strategies and guidance on how to ace your medical school interview. Get Started

Guidance for Non-Traditional and Post-Baccalaureate Students

We have extensive experience working with non-traditional, career changers and post-baccalaureate students and are able to provide tailored guidance, advice and strategies for these students. Get Started

Simple, Straightforward Pricing

Our medical school admissions consulting services cost $350 per hour. We offer comprehensive packages for students requiring more assistance.

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Medical Schools Our Students Have Been Accepted to Include:

Why You Need Assistance From Medical School Admissions Consulting Experts

Applying to medical school is a process that is long, hard, and expensive. You’ll encounter intense competition to get into any medical school. Then there’s the fact that many medical schools accept less than 10% of their applicants.While you could go through this process alone, it’s not recommended. It’s not only because you could face rejection. You might also have to deal with the fact that you didn’t do everything humanly possible to get into medical school.

With each application cycle, it gets harder and harder to get into any medical school. Most medical school applicants know other extremely qualified applicants who got rejected from all of their schools. Unfortunately, having good MCAT scores and a high GPA, as well as shadowing local doctors, performing research, participating in extracurricular activities, and getting excellent recommendation letters are often not enough to get an applicant into medical school. There’s also a lot of myths about how to get into medical school that are harmful to applicants. How do you know how to separate the wheat from the chaff?

Even worse, many applicants compare themselves to other pre-med students. They think that these students are doing things that they aren’t, so they beat themselves up. With the help of one of our medical school admissions consulting professionals, you’ll stop playing the comparison game. Instead, you and your medical school admissions advisor will do the work needed to stand out among thousands of medical school applicants.

Our tailored, data driven way of doing medical school admissions consulting will teach you how to tell your own story through every single part of your application. By telling your story in the way that only you know how, you can really increase your chances of getting into medical school.

The Strong Support We Provide Our Students

When our students start the medical school application process, our medical school admissions consulting professionals will have conversations about how we can best support you during this time. Students tend to appreciate some of the following qualities of our services:

We offer a number of different services based on your specific needs, which helps ensure you get the exact support you need to complete your phase of the application process and nothing you don’t, so you don’t waste time or money on “package deals”.

Client Testimonials

"I worked with IMA throughout my entire application process. I sent around 14 different applications in order to try and get into as many as I could. Not only did my consultant help me with the primary application, but he also helped me with my secondary essays and resume. He assured me that I was highlighting the correct strengths and wording my weaknesses in a way that didn’t make me look bad. He also helped me with the interview process, which was very needed and helpful. Since Dr. G has so many years of experience, he was able to help me know what questions to expect and get an idea of what answers the interviewers were looking for. He also helped me answer the way I needed in terms of how I worded answers and how quickly I responded.

All-in-all, I’m extremely happy with my experience with IMA Consulting and I believe that they are the biggest reason why I was able to actually get into medical school. I’m ready to continue my education and continue moving forward to be in the career I’ve always dreamed of."

Julie P

Medical College of Wisconsin

"With a family full of doctors and medical professionals, I grew up always wanting to be a doctor but it was hard for to put in to words the “why”. I struggled with my personal statement and didn’t really know how to tell my story in a unique or memorable way. I worked with IMA to brainstorm ideas for my personal statement and to approach from a unique angle. It took a few months and several revisions to get a final version that I was proud of. I didn’t use IMA for any other aspect of my application but in multiple interviews I was told that my personal statement was one of the best they had read. I’m extremely happy and thankful for all the help and guidance IMA provided me!!"

Sarah R

Georgetown University School of Medicine

"While it was my own fault, I ended up applying for medical school late in the game. I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to do or which colleges I wanted to apply to, so I waited longer than I should have. Once I decided these things, I had a very close deadline to meet. I jumped onto IMA Consulting and started getting help the same day. Once I explained my situation to my consultant, Bryan jumped right on it. I used a few different services in order to make sure I had my bases covered. The 3 main ones I used were for essay writing (for secondaries), resume building and the interview process.

I ended up getting a few interview requests late in the cycle and one acceptance letter! So thankful I don’t have to apply again! "

Kelly W

Baylor College of Medicine

"While I was accepted to a few different colleges, my top choice ended up putting me on the wait list, which was Boston University School of Medicine. I know this means i’m not rejected, but I also wasn’t accepted. I wanted to find a way to move from the wait list to the accepted pile since I’ve been dreaming of attending this college. I decided to try out IMA Consulting to see if they could help me. In addition to reviewing my application, they went over the wait list letter and helped me revise everything, so I could send it back.

I did all that and it was a few weeks before I got any kind of mail from them. I ended up getting an interview request that ultimately resulted in them accepting me. I was so surprised and I’m very thankful with this company. They are extremely professional and knowledgeable on everything to do with the process. I don’t think I would’ve been able to move off of the wait list without them and I want to say thank you so much! You were the ones that helped me get a little closer to my goals."

Jason W

Boston University School of Medicine

"UCSF was always my dream school and I wanted to do all could to get in. The biggest issue I had was filling out the primary application and personal statement. I knew that writing in general was not one of my strong suits, so I wanted to make sure I did everything right. I worked with IMA on my primary application and all of my secondary essays. I really struggled with some of the secondary questions and the character limits. My consultant’s experience really helped me to express my thoughts in coherent ways without being too wordy. I’m also thankful that they were available whenever I needed them and they answered every question I had. Without them, I don’t know how my applications would have gone or if I would’ve even gotten an interview, let alone actual acceptance letters."

Bill C

UCSF School of Medicine

"I’m really not great at creating resumes and doing interviews, so I knew I needed as much helps as I could get. This is where IMA Consulting saved the day. I was quickly matched with a consultant. Not only did she help me create an essay that highlighted all of my strengths and past experience, but she also helped me prepare for interviews. Through Zoom calls, we had a few mock interviews where she gave me feedback at the end. She asked me a lot of questions that are common with these types of interviews and let me answer to see how I would do. My consultant let me know where my weaknesses were during the process and coached me on what kind of answers the interviewers were looking for and how to word them in a way that was acceptable.

It took some time, but I was extremely confident by the end. I didn’t get accepted into every school I applied for, but I was invited for quite a few interviews. I was even invited to interview with my top choice, which was the Washington University School of Medicine. I ended up getting accepted into all but 2, so I’m extremely happy with and thankful"

Melissa P

Washington University School of Medicine

"The process of applying to medical school has been long and stressful. I did fine with my primary application, but kept running into issues while I was trying to write my secondary essays. My consultant and I sat down and talked about how to write a effective yet concise essay and how to make it stand out among the others. I brought one of the essays I wrote and we went over it to see where my weaknesses and strengths were. My consultant recommended that I bring more personal and vulnerable writing instead of being more “professional”.

I was able to use the same essays (with slight variation) for most of my secondaries, but I did have to write different ones for others. I was rejected from a few schools pre-interview, but the majority wanted interviews and ended up accepting me. I now have plenty to chose from and I can choose the school that’s best for me. Thank you so much!"

Elizabeth M

Indiana University School of Medicine

"In addition to needing help with the interview process and personal statement, I also wanted to see if I could get help with scholarships. Medical school is very expensive, so I wanted to try and get as many as possible. My consultant helped me with all of these things. The first thing we did was work on my primary application and secondary essays. Once I was confident with that, I went ahead and sent my applications in.

I was invited to participate in 9 different interviews, 5 of which I was accepted into. One of these was my first choice and I couldn’t be happier! At the end of the process, I ended up submitting several scholarship applications. It took some time to hear back, but I was able to win some and get a decent amount of tuition assistance. Thanks again!"

Rachel C

University of Colorado School of Medicine

"I applied to 6 medical schools. I ended up getting a rejection letter from 4 of them, and interview requests from 2.  I was rejected from one school post interview and placed on the waitlist for the other school I interviewed at. Ultimately I received a rejection from that school as well. I was pretty discouraged and didn’t know if I could handle another cycle. I reached out to IMA for help and was really amazed by the experience. While the actual consulting was great, I was most impressed by the my consultant’s compassion and understanding. He helped keep me motivated through another stressful cycle and was honest and realistic about my chances. I reapplied more broadly to about 15 schools with improved essays and ultimately was accepted to my top choice."

Sandra M

Indiana University School of Medicine

"Once it was time to start applying for medical school, I had some people in mind that I wanted to ask to write a recommendation letter. I decided to ask 5 different people if they would write one for me. These included 2 professors and 3 personal letters. My professors and 2 of the personals were able to write them, but the last person wasn’t really sure where to go. I decided to try and see if IMA Consulting could help them. They worked with my recommender to outline and edit my letter of recommendation.

I read the letter before sending it with my applications and I was surprised at how amazing it was! I’m so thankful that I was able to used IMA Consulting’s services and get the help needed. I received my decision from the last medical school last week I was waiting on and I can happily say I’ve decided to go with Duke University. I had other acceptances, but this is the school I’m most excited about and ready for."

Luke H

Duke University School of Medicine

I’ve always wanted to get into medical school, but I was one of those students that just didn’t do great in some of the pre-reqs. As a result, I had some lower grades and stats. I didn’t think I’d get any acceptance letters because of this. When I decided to work with IMA Consulting, I was hoping they would be able to help me. I can happily say that the consultant I was matched with was ready to help. In addition to letting me know (realistically) how well my chances were with my past stats and experiences, she also looked over my applications and essays, then provided feedback. We also worked together to make sure my application was completed thoroughly and my essays came out fantastic.

I applied to 35 different schools and was very surprised when the acceptance letters started coming in. I didn’t get accepted to every one of the schools I applied to, but I did get into some of my top choices. I just want to say thank you to IMA Consulting for helping me and making my dreams come true.

Theresa M

UC Davis School of Medicine

While I knew that I wanted to apply for medical school, I had no idea where I wanted to apply or which schools were the best. I especially wasn’t sure about what the requirements were for the application process. I decided to go ahead and use IMA Consulting to help me out. Once I made my payment, I was paired with a consultant. I decided to get the 10 hour package to ensure that I could get as much information as I could. Not only did my consultant help me narrow down my choices, but she also helped me figure out what my chances were for each school. She did this by looking at my strengths and weaknesses and compared them to the requirements of the school.

We talked a lot about my future plans and what I should expect for the application process. I decided my top choice was Albany and we decided I would also apply to 8 other colleges as a backup plan. While I would’ve been happy getting accepted into any of them, I’m super excited that I got into my top school. This company helped me so much and I’m so very thankful.

David R

Albany Medical College

"When I decided to apply to medical school, I was super nervous and intimidated by what I read online (SDN, Reddit, etc). From undergrad, I knew that medical school admissions was competitive and honestly I didn’t know where to apply or what experiences I should focus on my AMCAS. I worked with my pre-med advisor at school but she basically told me that I was not going to get in with my current stats. Well, I decided to apply anyway and worked with IMA throughout the whole process. My consultant (Dr. G) was upfront and honest but also kind. He listened to my story, and took a genuine interest in my experiences and what led me to medicine. I worked with him from beginning to end in the process (from the primary application to interviews). I applied to 20 schools, was rejected from 18, waitlisted at one but was ultimately admitted to University of Cincinnati College of Medicine."

Sydney K

University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

Medical School Admissions Counseling

Expert, Professional Consultants

Our team of highly-qualified medical school admissions counselors include physician advisors, former admissions committee members, published authors and professional consultants with 25+ years of experience in medical school admissions. Our skilled experts will holistically review your medical school application and provide advice and guidance that is detailed, actionable and compassionate.

Honest, Transparent Process

We strive to be as honest and transparent as possible. We first recommend that you utilize the free admissions resources published by the Association of American Medical Colleges and any advising services available through your university. If you need additional assistance, we are happy to review your application. If we feel that we cannot add value to your application, we will issue you a 100% refund.

Proven Track-Record of Success

The medical school admissions process is complex and highly competitive. Admissions rates to top-tier medical schools are often less than 10% and the overall admission rate for MD and DO schools remains below 50%. Our seasoned admissions consultant admit rates average 93%. We will help you prepare your strongest application and help you avoid a costly re-application.

How Our Services Can Help You Get Into Medical School

When you sign up for our help, you will be immediately paired with an experienced medical school admission counselor who will be there for you throughout the application process

Once you are paired with an experienced medical school admissions consultant, he or she will then talk with you to learn more about you as well as your career goals and your medical school of choice.

Your counselor will then create an individualized plan based on your specific needs, whether you need help writing a unique resume or you simply want help preparing for the interview.

After signing up for our medical school admissions consulting services, you will continue about the application process as usual; however, with your experienced counselor there for you to advise you and to address any questions you may have during the process to help ensure you submit only the best and most effective submissions. Your experienced medical school admissions consultant will remain with you from the time you sign up all the way up until you hear back from the medical school.

Some other ways we help you get into medical school include:

Frequently Asked Questions

We receive a lot of questions here at IMA. We get it. You want to know who we are, what we do, and what we have to offer you. We’ve compiled this list of International Medical Aid’s most frequently asked questions. If you still have questions after reading this comprehensive Q&A, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

  • How does IMA differ from other admissions consulting services?

    With other medical school admissions consulting services, you get someone to look over your stuff. But with IMA, you get a dedicated advisor who gets to know you personally. Not only that, but a team of top medical school admissions advisors reviews your application. We mirror the application process that admissions committees go through. Our efforts work. Over 92% of our clients have been admitted to at least one medical school over the past three cycles.

    Our experience extends even further through our internships and study abroad programs. We work with pre-med students on these trips, so we understand the needs and experiences of pre-meds in a nuanced and comprehensive way.

  • Is med school admissions consulting worth the expense?

    Yes, it’s worth it. In the grand scheme of things, it’s a minimal expense that can help you avoid the costly fees associated with reapplying to medical school. You’re investing in your future. You might compare it to student loans. You take them out so you can get through medical school because you know you’ll be able to repay your student loans with your income as a medical doctor. With IMA, your investment is to help you get into medical school. While we can’t guarantee results, we have the testimonies of thousands of students who are in medical school and on their way to practicing medicine. You’re investing in your future, which is never a waste of your money.

  • What is the process if I order hourly consulting for my personal statement?

    The first step we take before working with you is interviewing you. This way, we can get to know you as a med school applicant and see what you need. Then, we’ll know how we can help you. If you need us to review your personal statement, this is the process we’ll go through.

    1. We will look at the content--the substance--in your personal statement.
    2. We’ll look at your personal statement through the lens of the following criteria:
      - Is your theme apparent?
      - Did you structure your essay in a way that makes sense?
      - Do you engage your reader from the start?
      - Does your conclusion tie everything together?
      - If there was an essay question, did you answer it completely?
      - Anyone can apply to medical school. Did you provide information about yourself that makes you stand out as a candidate? You need to!

    Do you have more than one essay? No problem. We’ll review all of them to ensure your application is cohesive.

    After reviewing all your essays for content, we’ll dive into grammar, spelling, and all that good stuff. You can anticipate somewhere between two to four reviews of your essays before you’re ready to submit them.

    Our hourly plan is best used for essay review, post-baccalaureate guidance, or general application review.

  • What is your turnaround time?

    You can expect to receive your work returned to you in 48 hours. This includes weekends and most holidays. So, if you submit your work on Friday night, you’ll likely get it back on Sunday night. If you’re in a rush, we offer expedited, 24-hour review for an additional fee.

  • How are advising sessions conducted?

    In an ideal world, we could sit down together for advising sessions. However, many of our applicants are from all over the world. For that reason, we conduct our advising sessions through phone calls and video conferences (usually Zoom).

  • What do you mean by unlimited advisor access and communication?

    Simply put, our medical school admissions consulting team will respond to all communication. If you send us a message, we will respond to it. You can message us for any reason--excitement, defeat, questions, concerns, etc. We’ll respond to all of it.

  • How long will my advising support last?

    As soon as you sign up for your cycle, the support will begin. It won’t end until the cycle is over.

  • Do you have experience working with international students?

    Yes. International students face unique circumstances. We are equipped to help with whatever might come up. We’ve seen wonderful success with our international students, with many entering top MD and Dual-MD programs.

  • Do you work with Canadian pre-meds?

    Yes, we've helped many Canadians enter medical schools, both in Canada and the United States.

  • Do you work with non-traditional students?

    Yes, indeed. Whether you’re starting your second career, returning to the workforce after staying at home, or any other reason you might have, we’re here to help. Your situation is outside the box because it’s more common to go to med school in your twenties. But it’s very possible to submit an outstanding application that gets you into medical school at any age or in any phase of life. Our success rates speak for us. Our non-traditional students have entered top MD and DO programs in the United States.

  • Will you write the essays for me?

    No, that would be plagiarism and would result in you never getting into medical school. What we will do is provide you with guidance. We’ll help you find your voice and highlight your strengths for the best chance of getting into medical school.

  • Do you use a template for written materials?

    No, IMA doesn’t use templates, and you shouldn’t, either. So, how do we know what we’re doing? The guidance we provide comes from working with thousands of students and seeing how success comes. Highlight what makes you unique, along with your strengths, desires and ambitions is our goal. Because of our experience, we know what will stand out and look good.

  • Do you only work with applicants to MD programs, or do you work with DO and PA candidates?

    Our expertise spans MD, DO and PA applicants. So, if you’re applying to schools that fall into one of those three categories, then IMA admissions consulting can help you. We regularly work with students from all of these categories.

  • I'm applying to MD/PhD programs. Do your plans include support for MD/PhD essays?

    Yes, we do. Our Tier 2, Tier 3 and Tier 4 packages include support for MD/PhD essays. When you purchase one of these tiers for your plan, you automatically get a dedicated advisor who has experience with MD/PhD programs.

  • I'm applying to a dual-degree program (MD/MBA, MD/MPH, MD/MS). Do your packages include support for dual-degree program essays?

    Yes, Tier 2, Tier 3 and Tier 4 include support for dual-degree programs. Just like with our MD/PhD support, your dedicated advisor will be experienced in these areas. Rest assured you’ll be in good hands!

  • I’m applying to a school that invites applicants to submit a pre-health committee letter. This requires me to prepare some written materials for it. Can I receive help writing those materials?

    Yes. We offer help with pre-health committee letters in Tiers 2-4 and via hourly consulting. If this is the only thing you need, hourly consulting would be ideal for you. If you need help with other things, too, we recommend selecting a tiered package.

  • My evaluator asked me to write my own letter of recommendation. Can you help me edit it?

    Yes. It’s fairly common for an evaluator to have you write your own letter that they sign for you. We can help edit self-written letters of recommendation/evaluation.

  • I’m applying to a Texas medical school, so I have to fill out the TMDSAS application. Can you help me with that?

    Yes, this support is included in our hourly medical school consulting services.

  • I see that you refer to “billable time”. Can you explain what this is?

    Yes! Billable time means any and all time we spend working with you. Sending emails, talking on the phone, being on a Skype call, reviewing essays, etc. In short, it includes any time we spend helping you with your application.

    IMA does not bill for time spent recommending our medical school consulting services. If you have questions about IMA, feel free to reach out to us for help. We won’t charge you a dime until you’ve signed up and begun working with us.

    If you’re on a budget and worried about what you can afford, email us for an estimate. You can reach us at

  • Do you offer CASPer prep?

    Yes, we do. Casper prep is offered both via hourly consulting and with our Tier 2-4 packages.

  • Can you help with MMI interviews?

    Yes, we include preparation for MMI interviews in all of our packages. This can also be arranged on an hourly basis.

    If you have any more questions about International Medical Aid and what we have to offer, don't hesitate to reach out to us. You can visit our website or email us at We're here to help with whatever you might need.

Get Into Medical School

Schedule Your Complimentary 30-Minute Session Today. Questions? Feel free to reach via email at!