Did you know that almost 60% of medical school applicants are not accepted every year? Rejection should not worry you as long as you have a dignitary medical school personal statement. As we all know, your medical school personal statements play a significant role in showing medical schools who exactly you are.

You might have passed excellently in your GPA and MCAT, but medical schools want to know you as an individual. They want you to express yourself; they want to know your background, how unique you are, and why you want to pursue the course.

Your medical school personal statement needs to have a broad interest in your achievements, intuitions, and perspectives. A piece of excellent personal information cannot be crafted overnight, but it will look better if you start brainstorming points as early as you can.

Standing out from other applicants will surely get you a ticket to the best medical schools, but your story must be compelling and intense. There must be passion in your action, and it’s also vital for a personal connection to be shared. Indeed, it’s unique, and something consequential must come out of the story.

Personal statements are important because they show the committee what inspired you to apply to a medical school. It also offers a premed commitment to medicine. The medical school personal statement clarifies whether a premed is utterly ready for medical school. Remember, be yourself to stand out from other applicants. Don’t try too hard to influence the admission reviewers. 

If your writing is average, it doesn’t mean that you cannot write the best essay. There are high chances that your statement can stand out if you work on the most crucial parts of your essay. The critical elements in your essay tend to be:

Introduction – the opening line in your medical school personal statement is supposed to entice the reader. You are supposed to engage the reader immediately. If you thought of standing out and separating yourself from the competition, then this is where you start. Reveal something unique about your personality.

Body/Core Story – you are supposed to be very active in this part. Don’t try to be the observer here but center yourself in the action of the story. The admission committee wants to know more about you, reveal yourself. Your Essay does not need tricky words but concrete ones.

Why? – Why do you want to study medicine? As you showcase your imputes, be clear and personal. Most of the admission reviewers will be eager to know why you want to study medicine since it’s the Essay’s main point. Try to be specific and convey your personalized reasons to prove that you are a good fit for the profession.

Let’s compare the average personal statements and compelling personal statements as we break down a medical school personal statement’s main components.


The opening line determines whether the reader is going to be interested in the content of your Essay. Make sure that you catch the eyes of the reviewers and draw them in. Yes, grab their attention. 


It is my dream to become a doctor.
My dad was a doctor, and that’s why I want to become one too.
A doctor saved my family, and that’s when I decided that I wanted to become a doctor.
I have compassion for medicine, and I would like to practice medicine to help.


The above clichés might make some sense, but they do not have any power in them. It’s a good thing to help or get inspired by a close person. Remember, you compete with many other applicants. Express yourself in a better way and show some relevance.

Focus on the current reason for pursuing medicine, not what you wanted to be when you grow up. Reveal your skill set, too, because a physician has to balance intellect with interpersonal skills.


Although I loved sciences in school, I was more excited to see how it’s applied in hospitals and medical laboratories. My experience as an administrator in the district hospital nurtured my passion for medicine; I realized that helping patients required more knowledge in medicine. I can now relate to different people with ease, which will help when I become a physician.

After I witnessed a family member deteriorate from stomach cancer, I realized the effects such ailments can have on a patient and family. I learned to appreciate the work that doctors do and realized how fulfilling it can be to be one. Being an analytical thinker in science, I decided to pursue an honorable and challenging profession like medicine.

It has been a great blessing to live on two different continents. The dissimilarities in culture, lifestyle, and religion have been significant in molding my career path. The person I am today, enthusiastic and cheerful, has been made by my experiences in Kenya and America.


Compelling statements contain an authentic voice. The admission committee can know the applicant’s values and personality in a narrow scope of a specific moment. The main goal of a compelling medicine school personal statement is to captivate the reviewer with your account. It’s essential to write what you gained from your experiences.

Body/Core Story

The core story is one of the most important medical school requirements. The personal statement tells a captivating tale of why you decided to pursue the medical course. A premed needs to use personal narrative excellently.


After living with my grandfather in Texas, I was obligated to aid him through his illness- diabetes, and asthma. Until his last moments, I gave the older man his medicine and care for him. The bonding experience left a desire in my heart to become a doctor and treat ailing older men.


The applicant seems to focus on helping the older men, which is not bad. The admission committee needs to know that you can treat other people since you will be relating to different people of different ages and gender. Concrete support is necessary for the reader to be touched by the writers’ story. 


When my grandfather was diagnosed with diabetes and asthma, I started going with him to the hospital. I helped him maintain his health goals by sticking to a plan I created for him. The experience provided me with a valuable awareness to take care of the elderly in a professional manner. From experience, I realized a career in medicine could be very fulfilling.

I combine my caring personality with practical aspects by taking great pleasure in serving my community. I participate in an NGO project to provide free health care and advice to children and older adults.

It has been an honor to volunteer in a school of children with disabilities, where I work hand in hand with teachers to aid children’s development through active learning. In school, I used a different approach to interact with the children than the elderly.

Years of caring for my grandfather has left me with an ineffaceable, burning inclination in my heart to contribute to society.


The applicant focuses on the personal background throughout the story core. It’s easier for the admission committee to connect emotionally with the premed. The Essay contains an authentic voice, and it’s clear that the student is honest too. The readers can feel, hear, or even see the story in their minds. The statement is relatable and narrative.

Why? Why medicine?

The answer has to go beyond the familiar banality of “I want to be a doctor because I want to help people.” It’s good to find your compelling reason that should be empathetic, curious, and contemplative.


Since I was little, I always wanted to become a doctor. I have ever had a desire to help other people, and a career in medicine would be a perfect place to help others. That’s killing two birds with one stone, earning well, and helping others. 

It feels great when someone thanks you for doing something for them. It would be gratifying to improve lives by fighting against viruses and bacteria’s that affect people regularly. I have been able to experience a lot in the medical field.


There are so many other careers that you can do and still help people. The statement is not intriguing to the reader’s eye. If you genuinely want to help, then don’t answer why you want to become a doctor directly.


Back in the days, I watched my aunt practice medicine. She inspired me with her dedication to her duties in this field. I am fully aware that being a doctor can be very demanding and comes with many responsibilities. 

Having been brought up in the medical sciences’ ever-evolving world, my decision to pursue medicine has been intact for a long time. To dilate my scientific knowledge further, I built an app on sharing and discussing the latest developments in socialized medicine and medical ethics.

I am fascinated by the analysis and the works of the physical body of a being. They say that ‘curiosity killed the cat,’ but with the vast knowledge and latest technology, there can always be a vaccine for any disease or virus. People’s lives can be restored by solving mysteries in the biomedicine world. Isn’t this incredible? It is the more reason I want to become a physician.


The premed believes that medicine can unlock hidden mechanisms that can be used to cure any disease. The applicant is passionate about medicine and still thinking of how the treatment would benefit the world.


It is essential to summarize why you want to be in the medical field. Choose empathy, modesty, and scientific acuteness as the main qualities in your medical school personal statement. You can always refer to your introductory paragraph to wrap things up or highlight three things;

  • Your constructive attributes
  • Your point of view was gained from your growing experiences.
  • Your love for medicine 

Point out what you would like to achieve in medical school or the goals you have in store.


I have learned that I can serve people by becoming a doctor. I can also do what I like as a career while I treat people.


The love for medicine is just getting started, but there is nothing much to show for positive qualities.


My goal is to spread good health care in communities that don’t get inalienable rights. My care aspects and my experience in the research-based side of medicine have only nourished my desire to pursue treatment. The experiences I have gained from volunteering in various health institutions have helped me relate better with people of different races, ages, and gender. I have also improved my communication skills.

I am determined to put any significant effort required to get a rewarding professional career in medicine. I love the idea of working in such a zestful job.


Does the concluding paragraph check positive qualities? Yes, it does. It also contains the passion for medicine and the perspectives gained from growing experiences. It’s essential to leave a memorable and positive impression. Proofread your statement before submitting it.

Not only does an excellent medical school personal statement set out your qualities, experiences, and qualifications, it should also wholly error-free. It’s okay to set out your ambitions, but your thoughts should be organized in this case.

Consider the following when proofreading:

  • Be aware of repetitive sentences
  • Avoid volubility and passive voice
  • Break up long sentences
  • Spelling, grammar, and punctuation
  • Check your sentence structures.
  • Get rid of rhetorical questions and remove clear statements.

A medical school personal statement is made up of 5300 characters. As you edit, make sure you do not reduce, or greatly exceed, the word count. 

Types of Medical School Personal Statements

  1. AACOMAS Personal Statement
  2. TMDSAS Personal Statement
  3. AMCAS Personal Statement

AACOMAS Personal Statement

AACOMAS statement gives a glimpse of who you are to the admissions committee. In this statement, you get to answer why you want to become a doctor and, to be specific, an osteopathic doctor. It is essential to know why you are interested in this career path.

The character limit for AACOMAS personal statement is 5300, including spaces, which is roughly 700 words. When writing AACOMAS essays, hook the admissions committee immediately. They will want to know about your interest in osteopathic medicine, how it developed, and what experiences led you to this profession. 

Most Osteopathic programs require their premeds to meet specific medical school GPA requirements and MCAT score thresholds. You should know how to prepare for CASPer, another medical school requirement that every applicant should meet to be a candidate. You should have one year of Biology, one year of Physics, two years of organic chemistry lab, and one year of English composition. It’s crucial to check course requirements before you apply.

AMCAS Personal Statement

It’s advisable to open your application as soon as possible and aim for early submission, to have a better chance of interviewing and acceptance. For MD programs, you will be required to write 5300 characters, including spaces. If you are applying for MD-PhD programs, you will be required to write both an MD-PhD Essay and a Significant Research Experience Essay. The MD-PhD Essay comprises 3000 characters, including spaces, whereas The Significant Research Experience Essay consists of 10,000 names, including areas. 

The Significant Research Experience Essay includes a lot of detail on the project and your contributions to the work. AMCAS personal statements give the admissions committee an interpersonal analysis of who you are. The report should explore you as a person and make sure you describe your personal experiences in your statement.

Give you very best to stand out other applicants. It’s essential to get yourself an editor to make improvements to your statement.

TMDSAS Personal Statement

Texas Medical and Dental School Application Service, also known as TMDSAS essay, is limited to 5000 characters, including spaces. Like the AMCAS personal statement, TMDSAS personal statement requires premeds to indicate why they want to pursue the medicine course. It’s also essential to demonstrate why you are a good fit for a specific field career.

Texas uses its application service, TMDSAS; that means that if you apply for medical, dental, or veterinary school in Texas, use TMDSAS to apply. The required component for TMDSAS is a TMDSAS personal characteristic essay that is made up of 2500 characters, including spaces.
TMDSAS not only require your personal information but also request all information on your education history, professional connections and employment.

To be a professional and compassionate clinician, separate yourself from your competitors by merely creating a great medical school personal statement. Once you follow the simple rules and get the much needed guidance, you are bound to be outstanding your fellow applicants and join the best medical schools.