Bassin Bleu, Haiti
Bassin Bleu

Located in Jacmel, Bassin Bleu is an amazing sight! The Bassin Bleu are four cobalt-blue pools joined by spectacular cascades. Dissolved minerals give the falls their distinctive color. According to legend, water nymphs live in the grottos and sun themselves on a rock in Palm Lake, but disappear at the sound of mortal footsteps. Hop on a truck, or walk by foot up the mountain to the entrance of Bassin Blue. A guide will show you how to navigate the cascades and jump off the waterfalls into the clear blue waters. On the way up or down, stop by the small villages for a refreshing mango or explore the numerous souvenir shops!

National History Park, Haiti
National History Park

The National History Park is home to the Citadelle, Sans-Souci and Ramiers, the largest fortress in the Western Hemisphere. The Palace of Sans-Souci was the royal residence of King Henry I of Haiti and was constructed in 1810. The Citadelle is a large mountaintop fortress built after Haiti gained independence from France at the beginning of the 19th century. The Citadelle serves as a universal symbol of liberty, being the first monument constructed by slaves who had gained their freedom. Take an excursion to the National History Park to explore the sites and learn about the history of Haiti!

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