With all the consistent efforts and dedication, many students dream to become a doctor. But there is another string attached which is the overall cost incurred to earn a medical degree. 

The opportunities available in the healthcare industry is diversifying and is projected to grow about 18 percent by the end of 2026. Graduates who are willing to enter a medical field can choose specific career concentrations and gain experience.  With a bachelor’s degree you could pursue your career path by gaining practical experience in the fields of your interest. Hence, students can choose other career paths to get higher earning potentials.

On a serious note, students may not pursue higher degree levels due to the staggering level of financial burden. Many students dropout of college due to financial problems to cover tuition. It is estimated that the overall cost to complete a degree could range up to $200,000 including book supplies, transportation, tuition, accommodation. Hence to manage finances better students can aim at other financial aids such as winning Scholarship for High School Seniors while still at school. This can help students reduce the overall burden to attend college. 

Top 8 High-Paying Medical Careers with Bachelor’s Degree

You could choose to aim at professionalising certain fields that could help you earn the best salaries, be impactful and skillful at work even with a bachelor’s degree. Such career concentrations are,

Medical Perfusionist:

Median Salary: $135,258

A medical perfusionist is concerned with the operation of the heart-lung machine used in cardiac surgeries that help in temporarily controlling the person’s circulation and the respiratory functions. To land on this job, you require a bachelor’s degree in perfusion, several hours of clinical experience under a professional and in addition to this you need a certification from the American Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion which includes a series of examinations and clinical experience.

Pharmaceutical Sales Representative:

Median Salary: $118,472

The sales representatives in pharmaceuticals work on learning the demands and supply required for the market, they educate the physicians, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals about the new technologies and developments in the pharmaceutical industry. They are also focused on providing knowledge on the drugs, treatment processes to advance the patient’s care. This profession is generally not concerned with the core concepts by it connected to the physicians, patients, doctor, nurse and other staff. Candidates who are interested in entering the sales field and have academic knowledge on medicine can be greatly benefitted by this job profile.

Medical & Health Services Manager:

Median Salary: $115,616

Medical and health service managers are healthcare professionals who administer, plan, direct, coordinate and monitor the health care services. They are responsible for handling the facilities and specific medical areas of the department. They are well versed in office work, handling the corporate executives which is important in functioning of the healthcare facilities. This concentration is estimated to have growth of 6 percent over a few years. The usual requirement to land on this job is to earn a bachelor’s degree and a license is usually required for a nursing home under the state. The roles are spread over areas such as health management, public health administration, or business administration.

Registered Nurse:

Median Salary: $106,349

A registered nurse is a healthcare professional trained to assist patients and administer the patient’s care in settings such as hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, medical offices and others. Their roles include monitoring the day-today activities, coordinating the care, advising suitable diet, maintaining medical record of symptoms, prescriptions, operating the medical equipment, and advising the patients about medications. They jointly work with physicians and other health care members to provide best assistants to patients. The job growth is expected to have a 16 percent increase than any average job. The requirement of this job is to get a bachelor’s degree and graduate with a nursing program by gaining required hours of experience under experienced professors. Registered nurses also need to get a license before working. With a rapid growth of the nurses profession over the years, many candidates strive to attain a successful career. Find out How To Become a Nurse explained in detail with simple steps.

Clinical Trial Manager:

Median Salary: $105,464

A clinical trial manager is primarily focused on managing the new and developed clinical trials. They are mainly in charge of preparing a blueprint of the model, case forms and also finalising, monitoring and data management options. Clinical trials are concerned with conducting trails of the drug herpes and medical protocols. Managers oversee the procedures conducted and ensure if the regulations are followed. This required a bachelor’s degree by some employers may also require a master’s degree with successful completion of the certification program.

Transplant Coordinator:

Median Salary: $92,079

A Transplant coordinator is focused on coordinating, analysing, preparing and evaluating the patients organ transplantation and also managing patients for long term transplant. The administrative tasks and procedures are basically not performed individually but it includes a hardworking team of medical staff. The roles include evaluation to pre-transplant workups and post-surgical care and follow up.the requirement is to earn bachelor’s degree in a relevant medical field typically a registered nurse can also land on this profile by choosing right concentrations to advance their career.

Biomedical Engineer:

Median Salary: $88,550

A biomedical engineer is expertised in combining the concepts of biology with the latest engineering technologies to create advanced equipment,softwares, devices  and systems to assist the healthcare industry. This profession calls for good knowledge on the engineering aspects, softwares and system expertise. The minimum requirement for this job is a bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering or a degree of engineering as a major involving biology as a minor. Licensing is required for those who want to treat patients independently.

Product Manager at a Health Care:

Median Salary:$87,800

Product manager is one who looks after and manages the products. In the healthcare industry, the products belong to the drugs, equipment, devices systems and other health related products. They are responsible to ordinate the management activities simultaneously with the development of product design on the basis of technical aspects to increase results in the targeted market. Their roles also include planning the process and monitoring the progress closely.

The job profile required bachelor’s degree in business, business administration, marketing, management or a relevant health-related field with practical experience.

Dreams of students who want to become a doctor may not be fulfilled at times due to financial challenges. But the medical field offers diverse opportunities for students to choose from after completing their bachelor’s degree. For students considering allied health professions, participating in healthcare internships and volunteer experiences can allow you to explore the medical field more broadly; ultimately helping you determine your field of interest, your strengths and which job fits the best for your goals. Your future in medicine awaits!