Ideally, the exam period should be one happy moment for any examinee. The reason being, most exams mark the end of an era and a gateway to a higher step in life. For example, a final college exam marks the beginning of working life. It is also a way of accessing progress and determining strengths and weaknesses.

However, in reality, the opposite happens. Exam periods tend to be seasons with the most negative feelings such as nervousness, anxiety, stress and fatigue. Yes, it is natural to be afraid of a possible failure, but the feelings shouldn’t consume you.

 In this article, we shall discuss tips through which you can successfully study and excel in your exam. Below are 4 tips to guarantee you an easy time during the exam for those passing grades.

1. Ensure you get sufficient sleep

As much as you want to revise thoroughly, sleeping sufficiently is a key determinant of how well you will perform. Medically, humans are supposed to sleep for not less than 8 hours a day. The lack of it can affect your memory and your ability to concentrate totally. Additionally, a night of good sleep also means you are able to rest well and you are not fatigued during the exam.

If you feel comfortable studying in the early morning hours, make sure you sleep very early so that you are able to wake up a few hours earlier. If you would rather study before bed, make sure to account for the same hours of sleep by sleeping in a bit. It would be perfect for you to leave a few hours between the revision and the actual exam time.

2. Ensure you take short and understandable notes

Preferably, study as you write down some short notes on a paper rather than typing. Jotting down important points will not only keep you less distracted from social media maybe, but it will actually increase your memory. You are able to focus more and get creative on the most likely easy-to-remember writing technique. Additionally, you are more likely to process new ideas at the same pace you are writing.

However, do not over trust your memory to remember just a portion of the ‘bulk’ studying, by not writing down anything at all. Ensure you boost your comprehension by reading out the short notes loudly.

Moreover, different examinations require different levels of brain involvement. If you are preparing for an easy to remember exam, you can bypass this tip. However, if you want to get certified as a nurse you will need to sit for an NCLEX exam. This exam is a bit brainy, therefore taking short notes needs to be in the NCLEX tips for passing.   

3. Ensure you keep yourself hydrated

The human brain is mostly watery. That is why feeding it with enough water helps it to be perfect in its work. You are able to think critically and focus more.

Medically, water helps in improving blood pressure and heart rate. By taking a lot of it while revising or in the exam room, it will help you maintain proper blood pressure. In addition to that, water is proven to boost energy levels and help to reduce fatigue.

Avoid sugary drinks and energy drinks. Research shows that not only is too much sugar bad for your general health, but it can shrink your memory too. Additionally, alcohol can only crash your memory so avoid it in the entire process during studying and during the exam.

4. Ensure you put away all possible distractors

If you want to excel in your studies, 100% concentration is needed. Avoid anything that can shift your concentration like social media, turning on loud music, or watching television. It is advisable to turn off your phone or put it on sleep mode to avoid distractive calls.

If you can, study in a quiet place and most preferably without anyone else around. You can also use public libraries as they tend to be organized. When you start feeling distracted, it is good that you take a short break. This will help refresh and refocus your mind such that you are able to concentrate longer.


In addition to wide preparations for any exam, your altitude is also a determinant of how well you will excel. Handling an exam optimistically can go a long way. On top of that, always ensure you appreciate yourself for a job well done regardless of the results. As long as you did your best, there is nothing to beat yourself for if you fail to attain your expectations.