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How to Become An Optometrist
How to Become An Optometrist: Training, Licensing, and Certification Requirements
March 14, 2021

Optometrists are a type of healthcare provider whose tasks include the performance of eye exams, diagnosing of vision conditions, and prescription…

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How To Volunteer Abroad As A Nurse
February 26, 2021

The global demand for nurses has never abated. And, with this Covid-19 pandemic that we are facing, the demand for nurses…

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Rhodes Scholar
How to Become a Rhodes Scholar
January 15, 2021

Each year, a select number of students are selected as Rhodes Scholars. Rhodes scholars are the recipients of academic scholarships that…

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Guide to AMCAS
Guide to the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS)
January 4, 2021

What Is The AMCAS? The American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS) is a centralized, online application that is used by first-year…

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10 Benefits of Volunteering Abroad
December 26, 2020

There are many valuable and inspiring benefits to volunteering abroad. You can experience life in a different and fascinating culture while…

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When Should You Take the MCAT?
December 5, 2020

If you have decided to apply for medical school, you will have to plan a timeline for one of the important…

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Why the Best Pre-Med Major Isn’t Biology
December 1, 2020

If your dream is to become a physician and you are planning on going to medical school, it makes sense to…

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DO School Rankings: The Best Osteopathic Medical Schools
November 26, 2020

If you want to become a doctor of osteopathic medicine, choosing an osteopathic medical school from this DO school ranking list…

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Second Wave of Coronavirus:Why Cases Are Rising
November 23, 2020

In the early winter months of 2020, the coronavirus pandemic got out of China and went global. At the time, disease…

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MD vs DO: The Major Differences (And Which is Better)
November 2, 2020

Every year, tens of thousands of students prepare for medical school. In addition to the choice of major, MCAT prep, or…

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