My time in Kenya was incredibly eye-opening and worthwhile. The staff was excellent and very helpful. The residence was safe and comfortable. The food provided offered a nice variety and was always plentiful and fresh. Transportation to the hospital and cultural sites was efficient and safe. There is a whole team of people that cared about your well-being and your experience. They always checked-in to make sure that you were doing well and that your internship was living up to expectations. They were always willing to discuss life and culture in Kenya. Benson was particularly kind and compassionate–he really cares about what he does and about the experience the interns have. Husna was also extremely helpful and informative and Bella was always there when you needed something or had a question. An experience like this changes how you view the world and also makes you think about your role in it. I wish I could have stayed twice as long–there was so much more to do and see. Back at home, I think about my experience every day and can’t wait to go back.